Every year, nearly eight out of 10 U.S. tax filers get a federal tax refund. That big check is great, but it means you gave the government an interest-free loan. All. Year. Long. It’s your money. Why not get a little more of it in every paycheck?

At TaxAct, we want you to use your hard-earned money when and how it’s best for you. Take the pledge below and make a commitment to get a raise this year instead of a refund. This raise can help you cover anything. Car payments. Student loans. Rainy day funds. You name it. Once you’ve pledged, you will be submitted for a chance to win weekly prizes of $250 or the grand prize of $10,000. The rules are simple, and there are multiple ways to enter.

With one simple form you will be on your way to much more than the chance at $10,000. You will pledge to take a proactive approach to your finances and make the necessary adjustments to your allowances (IRS Form W-4) to get more money in each paycheck. Cash you can save, spend, eat, whatever. It will all be yours! All you have to do is type.

“I pledge to rethink my tax refund. To receive money throughout the year instead of in one small heap come April. To learn exactly how to beat the system. TO GET A RAISE, NOT A REFUND.


As life changes, so do your taxes. Understanding how major life events can impact your tax situation is a key piece of your financial puzzle. Your taxes and money are serious business, but just like the fattest cats on Wall Street, you too can have fun while finding ways to make your cash grow. All it takes are these quizzes. They’re free, they’re fun and every first entry per quiz counts as a new submission into the sweepstakes.

We’ve partnered with tax and personal finance leaders to help you navigate the United States tax code and your personal finances like a boss. See below for some of our favorite tips.

@TaxAct is transparent about pricing and doesn’t charge fees for phone support.


Spoiler alert: Filing early is one of the best ways to BEAT THE SYSTEM!


Remember: filing early means you know you owe sooner and have a little buffer room to save up and pay the bill by 4/18!


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